Why Us

At first thought, Costa Rica conjures pictures of pristine beaches and tropical rain forests. And while that will always been the country’s image, Costa Rica has erupted as a leader for industrial companies in Latin America. Camtronics is proud to say it has been part of that progression for more than 30 years, operating as one of the top electronics contract manufacture service providers. Camtronics has a commitment to quality and customer-focused products, understanding that we play a vital role in our client’s overall process.

Our diverse facility has multiple manufacturing capabilities for various mechanical and electrical solutions thanks to our experienced and educated workforce, which is constantly upgrading and innovating with the industry. Our customers benefit from cost-effective pricing for short and medium size runs with rapid turnaround, and can trust out strict confidentiality and respect for trade secrets. Operating in Costa Rica allows our customers to utilize our Costa Rican Free Zone, which provides duty free transit of goods and equipment. These are just some of the reasons why Camtronics is among the elite industrial companies in Latin America.