Costa Rica has quickly become a global giant in manufacturing, and Camtronics is a big reason why. It has solidified itself as one of the premier electronics manufacturing service providers in the world with more than 30 years of innovation and expertise behind each and every product. Camtronics specializes in circuit board contract manufacturing for aerospace, medical, telecom and industrial sectors, offering cost-effective manufacturing solutions.

Camtronics is committed to standing above all other electronics manufacturing service providers with our customer-focused production and aggressive quality management system. We are constantly improving our facility and operations to match innovations in circuit board contract manufacturing, while educating our experienced work force to meet all certifications and standards. We apply those same strict guidelines to product shipping, bolstered by duty free transit under the Costa Rican Free Zone regime, to ensure safe and prompt delivery at competitive costing.


Enrique Ortiz
General Manager / CEO

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Federico Ortiz
Sales Manager

Alexander Navarro
Supply Chain Manager

Alexander Gomez
Finance Manager

Juan Manuel Araya
Production Manager